The Accounting Data Security Standard

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The largest cybersecurity platform built for the modern accounting firm.

Recently we underwent a rigorous audit of our data security practices to become certified by the Accounting Data Security Standard. Acceptance is not automatic and among other things, our email server setup, data storage systems, password management protocol, and team training were assessed to ensure we met the benchmark required. We also sat the ADSS test and passed with flying colors. The Accounting Data Security Standard (ADSS) is a gold standard in data protection for accountants, worldwide. Brought to you by Practice Protect. It’s all part of our commitment to clients to protect their data as if it were our own and take care of its management - we recognize the trust you’ve placed in us and we want to honor that trust as best we can.

Modern CPAs, Inc. uses Practice Protect Access Hub as our Access Management system. Some of the core features of this are:

  • Centralized Access Management: From banking to tax logins, our employees have one login to access every client cloud app securely.
  • Managed Multi-Factor Authentication: MFA is managed and enforced for all team members through Practice Protect.
  • Advanced User & Team Permissions: Roles and permissions are used to easily determined the level of access employees have.
  • IP-Lock + Time-Lock + Location-Lock: We implement controls on where, when, & what devices employees can access certain applications on.
  • Password Cloaking & Encryption: Passwords are used by team members but never seen, passwords are shared but encrypted and kept secure.
  • One-Click User Lockout: We can revoke access instantly for offboarding or staff centered threat responses.
  • Remote & Third-Party Access Controls: Remote team and contractor access is controlled through Practice Protect.

We also have access to policy documentation through Practice Protect™ that:

  • Educates and sets expectations on staff in relation to best practice for password and access management;
  • Governs interactions with third parties such as IT contractors or outsourcing providers and what occurs should there be a breach of our data security policies;
  • Makes clear how we manage client information;
  • Lays out the steps for responding and communicating in the event of a data breach.

This cloud best practice certification reiterates our firm’s commitment to be responsible data custodians